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The Kramer Morris Group is comprised of a team of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in Delaware. Selling these “right addresses” is the mission of The Kramer Morris Realty Group. Let us know what you’re looking for. Please take advantage of the helpful tools on this website, including our exclusive Delaware Real Estate search, but also feel free to contact us personally.

Nancy Morris
REALTOR®, Director of Operations, Direct: 302-285-9569 | Cell: (302) 632-0121,

Your Friend in the Business!

Originally I am from North Jersey and have been in Delaware for over 18 years. I graduated from Frostburg University with a Business Management Degree. If anyone knows where Frostburg is---it was a lot of fun out in Western MD. for my time there. I played varsity level Field Hockey in High School and in college as well. Wish I could still play today but difficult to get back into shape for that these days.

Helping people is one of my passions. The idea of assisting people to achieve their dreams and goals has been one of the most rewarding achievements of mine.

In real estate this is something that I cherish and have found a career worth having and a life worth living.

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Jason Morris
REALTOR®, Director of Sales and Marketing, Direct: 302-285-9569 | Cell: (302) 373-1585,

I'm an Army brat so in one way or another it seems my life has always been about moving from one place to another. I guess it's no surprise that being a Real Estate Consultant has become my lifes calling. After moving every three years my entire life, if there's anyone that knows the ins and outs of relocation I guess it's me. I didn't start out in Real Estate. Oddly enough I've got a bachelors degree in sociology and criminal justice from the University of Delaware. The grand plan was to use that to become a state trooper. I even joined the Army Reserves to show the experience on my application. A knee injury moved me out of contention for the Police and into sales and customer service. Turns out my sociology degree was much more useful doing a job that required understanding human interaction. Go figure. On the sales and customer service track I got involved in Finance and Mortgages. That opened doors into the insurance industry. From there I found a niche doing software usability testing for online insurance products. Huge layoffs at that company lead me to the life altering opportunity that shaped the last 10 years of my life. I signed on with a startup technology company servicing web hosting. Using my unique combination of sales experience and technology testing expertise I was able to develop the business systems that eventually turned this 5 man operation into a rapidly growing corporation employing almost 200 people in the course of just 5 years. During that time I was exposed to a fantastic array of cutting edge technologies designed to more effectively understand and service client needs. I eventually reached a point where the things I was most interested in had better applications in other places. I took my new found expertise in delivering a fantastic customer experience through technology and used it to springboard into my own business as a real estate consultant. You might say that now I run a high tech marketing company specifically designed to service the needs of people buying or selling a home. In fact, this entire system that you are using right now to search for homes is a direct result of that evolution. I hope you've enjoyed your experience with the site so far!

Darlene Goodwin
REALTOR®, (302) 285-9569,
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