What To Consider If You Want To Nail The Curb Appeal Factor.




Have you thought at all about what you’re going to do to make sure that your home makes a great impression from the driveway? It’s not just a cliche; First impressions are lasting. In fact, from a brain and behavior perspective, they’re darn near permanent.
When you’re in ‘seek’ mode, you enter into a heightened mental state with respect to the subject of your search. There’s a certain amount of mental tension or expectancy that leaves your mind wide open for instant and permanent storage relevant information. When a buyer is ‘seeking’ your address they’re in heavy duty ‘receive’ mode and the very instant (for better or worse) they see your home, every detail is noted and evaluated and either a positive or negative will be associated with that evaluation.
That emotional stamp is permanently attached to the image of your home and embedded in memory. Each time the image of your home is recalled or seen that emotion will be re-experienced and strengthened. Controlling the positive or negative ‘charge’ of the motion is critical.
This can take some work. How’s your yard? If the answer isn’t “like the fairway of a golf course” then you’ve got a project on your hands. Start with the front and work from the street toward your home so that nothing is overlooked. Freshen your mailbox. Weed the flower beds. If there aren’t any, consider putting them in. Edge the yard so that the borders are manicured. Add a splash of color with seasonal flowers. Fertilize the lawn, spread some seed, do a weed treatment, and keep it watered. Trim back the shrubs and trees so they enhance the look of the yard vs. crowd it. Paint trim, sweep stoops, remove cobwebs, repair screens, and make sure that the fixtures are in good working order and free of oxidation and tarnish.
Fortunately work on the exterior is typically low dollar type stuff that requires more elbow grease and discipline than anything. If you have a bit of budget it might be worthwhile contacting a landscaper to give you a ‘once over’ to establish a baseline for your exterior and then come back periodically to refresh.
Need recommendations on contractors? Give us a call. We have a database of vendors that can help and we’re always happy to assist.

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