Pop Quiz! How Does A Home Staging Pro Make A Bed?




In this episode we’re going to learn to make a bed like a stager. Not interested, you say? Ok, then go ahead and skip this one.

Otherwise, let’s continue.

When a stager makes a bed, he/she’s literally fabricating a bed out of smoke and mirrors to create the impression of a bedroom where there previously wasn’t one. This trick is really handy when staging a home that is either vacant (maybe it’s a rental?) or when your home is large enough that you never really acquired enough ‘stuff’ to fill all the rooms.

This happens all the time in the large 4 bedroom colonials that spring up all over the country in the early 2000’s. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked through those homes and found rooms that had nothing but a lamp and a pile of boxes that never got opened when the owner moved in.

While there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with that per se, when you have an empty bedroom, the subliminal message of ‘incompleteness’ echoes in the buyers mind. They begin to wonder “Was there something wrong with that room? Did someone die?, Did a child run away?” you get the idea. The whole purpose behind staging a home is to create an experience that says “these four walls will make a wonderful place for you to put down roots”. The very core of the message we want to send is “completeness”. In fact, you might say that the reason the buyer is looking for a new home to begin with is that they currently feel somehow….incomplete.

My point? If you’ve got a room that’s intended to be a bedroom but for whatever reason is emptly, there’s a quick fix that you want to know about. Ready?
Here’s how a stager makes a bed:
1. $25 dollar blow up mattress (camping section of walmart)
2. $40 new bed spread and matching pillow covers
3. 5 Milk crates, cinder blocks, or any other item that can hold nominal weight and be positioned on the floor of a room to lift the bed up about 12-14 inches.
4. 4 2″x4″ boards or other scrap wood that can be used to lay across the milk crates, etc. to prop up the mattress.
Now that you have all the materials, position the milk crates or whatever else you’re using to prop the bed up in a retangular pattern with the 5th crate in the center of the rectangle to hold up the middle of the mattress. Lay the boards across the crates to form a but of support. Blow up the mattress and place it on top. Throw the bedspread across the mattress, and place the pillows at the head…and viola! A couple of $8 wooden tv trays on either sid, and some 4$ lamps to set the whole thing off, and you have a bedroom for less than $100
Works like a charm!

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