Learn How to Create A Spacious Feel In Your Smaller Living Spaces.



This weeks tip is quick and easy. I’m going to tell you how to get space back in your dining room and bedrooms. Showing extra space here is important because these rooms tend to be smaller on average, and getting really good “airy looking” photos is tough.
Step 1: Orient the long axis of the furniture parallel to the long walls. I’ve said a million times that the way you ‘live’ in a home, and the way you ‘sell’ a home are often two different things. When you take a bed and put the long axis of the bad against the short wall of a rectangular room, you create the impression that the space is cramped. You can adjust this perception by aligning the long side of the bed with the long side of the room. This will show off the relative size in a more advantageous way.
Step 2: Shrink it down. I see so many dining rooms that have a “6 top” table with a leave that could be removed. Why not make the room look bigger by making the table smaller? Pull out that center leaf. Take away 2 of the chairs. Make sure the long edge of the table is parallell to the long side of the room, and viola! You have a room that looks twice the size.
Easy Peasy.
Keep in mind that while dining rooms and bedrooms are usually the biggest offenders, ANY room can benefit from re-aligning the furniture to match the length of the piece with the long side of the room. Doing this will make a big difference in how large your rooms look in the photos.
If you’d like to have one of our marketing professionals come take a look at your home to see what else might be done to give you the extra selling edge, please feel free to call or simply reply to this email. We’re always happy to help!


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